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Figured I would share so people are aware of this going around.

I had an automated call recently claiming to be "Rogers", the automated system was exactly the same as the one Rogers uses for their legit calls. It informed me that a PC in the house is infected with a virus and I have 48 hrs to clean it or have the account suspended, it directed me to go to a Rogers url and download a cleaner or press 1 to speak with someone from technical support. Pressing 1 did nothing but loop the press 1 message until it eventually just dropped the call.

Seems this particular scam relies on you downloading the so called "anti-virus/cleaner" from the fake Rogers website which is most likely some type of trojan virus... I also wouldn't be surprised if they ran a modified scam where pressing 1 would transfer you to someone who would try and gather your personal info...

I promptly reported this to Rogers, they verified that indeed it was a scam call. Don't know if this is a new scam or not but be aware and report all suspicious calls, if your not sure you are always better off hanging up and calling Rogers yourself.
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