Yesterday, Facebook launched Facebook Sports Stadium, a service on the social networking site that allows users to experience sports games together, in real-time without being side-by-side on the couch.

Facebook Sports amalgamates the content on Facebook related to the game, and displays it in real time, chronologically. So, for those who are used to using Twitter to share their real-time game woes and joys, here is an alternative platform.

The service allows users to see posts from friends, as well as comments, posts and commentary from experts, live scores, stats and a play-by-play commentary. Game information, such as where to find the current game on TV, is also displayed.

Facebook is calling the service, which users can find by searching for a given game on the networking site, a ‘second screen experience’, to enhance the broadcast on TV.

"We think it can really enhance awareness," said Steve Kafka, Facebook product manager. "Maybe you weren't paying attention and then you see your friends are having this discussion and that can pull you into the game. We think that's a win-win for everybody. It drives more eyeballs to what [our content partners] are already sharing."

As Rich McCormick of comments, part of the fun of sharing in sports on Twitter is having your expert comment, analysis, or one-liner "picked up and retweeted by hundreds of like-minded strangers". Facebook's Sports Stadium won't allow for that, but let's see if people gravitate towards it.

Currently, Facebook Sports supports American football games for iPhone users in the US. The service will support additional sports around the world like basketball and soccer and additional viewing platforms in the coming weeks.