Many prominent companies including National Geographic, NBC News, and are now using Facebook’s new feature, Instant Articles, to promote their products and brand through social media. But it can be a very useful tool for businesses of any size, including small businesses and independent bloggers looking to get their messages out to a wider audience, more immediately. Is it something for you?

Here are some of the pros and cons of publishing your ideas through Facebook Instant Articles, as outlined on


1) It’s Fast

Users can zoom into high-resolution photos, watch autoplay movies, hear the author’s voice with embedded audio captions and explore interactive maps with ease using Facebook Instant Articles. It’s a great thing for brands with graphic-heavy content websites, as it provides support for low bandwidth network connections and still loads up to ten times faster on phones than standard mobile web.

2) You Get to Keep the Cash

Facebook is currently offering publishers 100% of the revenue from selling ads. They are also offering third-party analytics, so you can track the performance of your content, giving the option for lots of potentially useful feedback. FB is keeping a 30% cut if ads are sold through their own network.

3) You’ll Be Seen

Facebook tends to give its latest features a boost by making it easy for users to gain from using them when they first come out. It’s very likely that the social site’s algorithm will be giving Instant Articles priority at the moment.


1) It Could Decrease Your Site's Readership

If you’re using Instant Articles, the traffic to your own site could decrease, unless you work at re-directing readers to your site through your content. If readers are seeing your work largely through Facebook, they also won’t be perusing your whole site, but just one piece at a time.

2) It’s Only Available Through an iOS App

Currently, Instant Articles can only be accessed through the latest version of its iOS app. The Android version will be coming soon, but it isn’t here yet. It could be a while before everyone has access.

So, is it worth trying? The choice is up to you. If you already have a good-sized audience, then you might be good well with what you’re already doing. If you’re just starting out with something new, maybe it’s worth a shot.