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Facebook is getting the heat (once again) over privacy. According to the Wall Street Journal, the social-networking site has been sharing private information with advertisers from the use of it’s third-party applications.

If you use Farmville, expect that your name and your friends’ names have been sold to advertising and Internet tracking companies.

Here’s a list of Facebook top 10 apps found sharing information:

* FarmVille 59.4 million users
* Phrases 43.4 million users
* Texas HoldEm 36.3 million users
* FrontierVille 30.6 million users
* Causes 26.7 million users
* Cafe World 21.9 million users
* Mafia Wars: 21.9 million users
* Quiz Planet 16.5 million users
* Treasure Isle 15.3 million users
* IHeart 14.0 million users

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It's actually far worse....the way Facebook works is that the developers of Farmville can access not just those 59.4M players complete information (including any private messages sent via Facebook), but also that of any one of their Friends.

So if you know someone who plays Farmville, your privacy has been compromised and there is nothing you can do about it.

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I created a Facebook account a few years ago just to see what Facebook was all about. Never used it but left it. I have now cancelled it as I simply don't want anything to do with it.
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