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Does anyone know how I automatically export recorded shows to apple tv 2 using eyetv? I know there's a button that i can press for individual shows to export but I want it to do this automatically so when I access my computer in apple tv, the recorded programs are just there. I know this works somehow but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

Using - Mac Pro 2x2.66 xeon snowleopard
Eyetv 3.5.2 (6633)
Hauppage 950q USB capture card

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And does EyeTV *find* iTunes on the computer, and add it to the library?

I'm just starting to test out an OTA setup, and I tried recording a few shows that my daughter likes, selected to export to Apple TV ... and when I got home from work, they had made their way into the iTunes library.

Which is extremely cool!
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