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After porting Bell Home Phone to, the final bill has two unexpected entries.

1. "HOME PHONE DEACTIVATION CHARGE" $17.60, I believe this is because of not giving them 30 days notice of cancellation. It's still less than a month's charge for the most basic Home Phone service, and I imagine it's in their ToS, but has anyone successfully challenged this? I don't imagine it's possible to port out without it, but I'm surprised didn't offer the option of "port now" or "port in 30 days", if Bell allowed that.

2. "CRTC Deferral Account Rebate" $67.41CR, is this the thing Bell sent out the letter about and tried to get us all to take it as a credit towards Bell Mobility services with a 2yr contract? Can it be assumed to be contract (or is there no other choice)? Was it issued only because this Bell account was cancelled, or is everyone getting them now?

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