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External hard drive with Cisco 8642HD

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I purchased a Western Digital Black Caviar 2TB disk with case and e-sata connection to connect as an extenal drive to the Cisco 8642HD.
The Cisco recognised that there is an external drive that needs to be formatted. It ask me to select [A] if I want to format. When I press on [A], nothing happens. I tried to uplug the power cord from the Cisco, wait a few second,plug it again, once the external drive is connected and on. But it does not help.
What have I done wrong ? How to make the Cicso 8642HD to recognise this hard drive ?
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1. I don't believe 2TB drives are accepted.

2. What make/model enclosure (case) do you have?

3. Here's the thread on eHDDs in the Rogers forum. Read post 1 very carefully and read the last few pages

4. I would strongly recommend that you insert a 1TB internal SATA instead (WD Black recommended) - no problems, also discussed in the Rogers forum - there are several threads on iHDD and eHDD.
Thanks for your info. In fact I returned the 2 TB disc and got a 1TB and now it works fine..
External HD for Cisco Explorer 8642HD PVR

I have a Cisco Explorer 8642HD PVR with Illico 2.0.

At this time storage is limited to the internal HD since all external connectors such as Ethernet, FireWire, eSATA and USB 2.0 are not active.

While checking the Rogers web site I read that Nextbox HD PVR (same unit as mine) allows for a PVR expander to be attached to record up to 225 hours of HD programing.

Does anyone know if Videotron is planning to activate the eSATA or other ports to allow the addition of an external expander to the Cisco PVR?
I moved your post to this thread, but I believe there should be no problems if you purchase the appropriate drive and enclosure, as discussed extensively in the Rogers thread. (Post 2)

Most people find the 500 GB HDD adequate or insert a 1TB internal for better performance and fewer problems than an eHDD. Of course you may not want to do that if it's a rental.

Others here should be able to confirm.
Thanks 57.

Unfortunately the Cisco 8642 HD PVR I have is a rental so I cannot upgrade the internal drive.

Based on this Videotron web page the Technical Specifications for this PVR state:
Non-supported Connection:
Ethernet: non-supported, FireWire: non-supported, eSATA: non-supported, USB 2.0: non-supported

Unless someone can chime in with a different experience only a firmaware update from Videotron will allow the connection of an external drive to illico 2.0 terminals.
Posts 1 & 3 would indicate that it does work with the appropriate drive & enclosure. Perhaps the info on the web is incorrect/dated.

Purchase from a store that has a good return policy? I would start with the Vantec/1TB WD Black combo. Or give Videotron a call to see if they have an eHDD like Rogers does.

Perhaps someone else with an eHDD on Videotron will comment here?
I checked with Videotron and they confirmed that no external drive can be connected to PVR with illico 2.0

Once again Videotron lags behind on technology readily available by other cable companies like Rogers.
Rogers 8642HD hard Drive Replacement with success

In my Rogers 8642HD pvr I just replaced the existing 500gb WD caviar Blue hard drive (that was replaced before) with a new WD Black 1TB WD1003FZEX drive and it works fine. The WD1002FAEX (2 layer) 1TB hard drives are discontinued. The newer drive is a single layer hard drive and responds much faster. It took about 10 minutes to replace the HD. After plugging it in with cable connected, it took about 10 minutes to came up with the display I pushed the power on button and it started a hard boot again...after about 5 minutes it then came up with the clock display....I then pushed the power on button again and got tv video with the loading banner displaying on the bottom of the screen. After about 5 minutes everything was normal like a new Box with great success. Hope this helps anyone. I think 1TB is the largest drive you can put into a 8642HD PVR.
stingray2014: Are you talking about the internal or external HDD?
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