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I received a letter from Cogeco yesterday that they are improving the infastructure in the area and that in January will receive the rest of the HD channels that we have been missing. They also said that many of the analogue channels (e.g. HGTV, TLC, Discovery, FOX, MuchmoreMusic, Peachtree, TV Tropolis to name a few) will be converted to digital and will be no longer available unless you rent a special adaptor or digital receiver. So my questions are:

1) What does this adapter look like?
2) We currently are legally allowed only 3 tv's hooked up to cable. We have three tvs with digital receivers and addtional 2 tvs hooked up to the analogue channels. If I call Cogeco and request a couple of these adapters, am I going to be nailed for a 'connection fee' for those 2 tvs?
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