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This thread is for Execulink IPTV discussion and anything else about the Execulink IPTV service from People who have subscribed are encouraged to post reviews and experiences.

1. Lower basic service pricing than the incumbents. Compares well to promotional pricing from incumbents with no need to haggle or cancel to get the best price or renew offers.
2. Requires Execulink internet but internet pricing is competitive.
3. Their is only one package, the starter package for $14/mo. Everything else is an add-on. One basic receiver will add $8. A wi-fi capable receiver adds $11. A very limited amount of PVR space and Pause/Restart for live TV is included.
4. Theme packages are well thought out and fairly small.
5. Pick and pay packages, called "Pick Packs", are reasonably priced.
6. Mobile devices are supported with "TV Everywhere" and VOD.
7. Extra cloud PVR space is available up to 200 hours.

1. Theme packs are small with no discount for multiple packs so adding a lot of channels really adds up. Pick Packs will be a better deal for most people.
2. Individual channels as add-ons are expensive.
3. Some theme packs are priced higher than competitors.
4. Wifi enabled STB is expensive.
5. No purchase option for STB.
6. Mobile and third party device support is limited to PC, Android and iOS.
7. Extra cloud PVR space is expensive.

Bottom line:
Affordable option for basic TV and a limited number of TVs and channels. Becomes quite expensive once several TVs and a full suite of features and channels are added.

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I just came across this thread and see it's over 20 months old and needs updating. Here is the current Execulink page Digital Cable TV - Ontario Cable TV Provider | Execulink® Link TV

I've been an Execulink phone and internet customer in the Woodstock area for about 30 years, since it was North Norwich Telephones. My TV provider was Shaw until Rogers took over the territory. Last summer Execulink put fibre into my subdivision and I signed up for the new Internet feed, upgrading from VDSL. At the time the installer told me about Execulink's Link TV IPTV service, but I decided to stick with my Rogers Digital Cable legacy VIP package for the time being. But when my Rogers Cable topped $100/month early 2020, I started looking at other options. Rogers had Ignite IPTV, but that would cost me 3x what I was paying. So this July I signed up for Link TV with a bunch of theme packs and extra channels added. Now, combining my TV, Internet and Home Phone with a single provided, I'm paying a little less than getting the services separately. Granted, Rogers VIP gave me 600-odd channels, but many were duplicates or ones of no interest to me. Now I have all the channels I want to watch, many of which were not on VIP.

So how good is Execulink Link TV? First of all, I seldom watch live TV except for the news. everything that I'm interested in gets recorded in the cloud, any number of channels simultaneously if needed, so my recordings are not affected by power outages. If I forget to record something, or a show I recorded starts late and runs long due to live sports, it has a rewind feature where I can go back in the Guide up to 24 hours and see what I missed.

In my area I wasn't offered a WiFi STB, only an ethernet connected one. But I have my own router, not an Execulink one.

What flaws do I see? The first one I noticed was that TVOntario only shows in HD when watching live. If I record it, pause it, or rewind it, it goes to SD. After extended interactions with support, I'm told that's how their vendor provides it, end of story. Another quirk is that sometimes a program being recorded does not show in my recordings, but that's no big deal because I can still catch it from the beginning using rewind from the Guide. Occasionally a show I've recorded freezes and pixelates, but plays fine later. Maybe that's due to network congestion at the particular time.

Anyway, I hope to see comments from other Execulink customers and feel free to ask questions.
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