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eqhd will rebrand to Smithsonian Channel this fall

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Smithsonian Networks And Blue Ant Media Partner To Launch Smithsonian Channel In Canada This Fall

New Network To Feature Smithsonian Channel's Critically-Acclaimed and Award-Winning Programming

Smithsonian Networks, a joint venture between Showtime Networks Inc. and the Smithsonian Institution, and Blue Ant Media are partnering to launch Smithsonian Channel in Canada this fall. This marks Smithsonian Channel's first expansion into an international market. The HD channel will feature an extensive assortment of exclusive content for broadcast, digital and mobile platforms.

Smithsonian Channel "brings amazing to life" with award-winning programming - largely inspired by the assets of the world's largest museum complex - that entertains, educates and inspires. Program genres include air and space, science and nature, pop culture and history. Smithsonian Channel travels beyond the ordinary to reveal a vast scope of exciting stories and experiences to fuel the curiosity in all of us.

"Smithsonian Channel will carry a robust selection of exclusive titles with new content being added regularly to provide our viewers with the very best programming," said Vanessa Case, EVP Programming, Blue Ant Media. "We intend on making this a uniquely Canadian offering by building on the outstanding programming provided by our partner."

Premium specialty channel eqhd will rebrand to Smithsonian Channel this fall and will be available throughout Canada through all major distribution partners. The Canadian channel will also make mobile applications available to Canadians. Smithsonian Channel's mobile apps in the US for iOS and Android platforms have been downloaded over 1 million times. Smithsonian Channel in Canada will complement the Blue Ant Media premium, commercial-free brands Oasis HD, HIFI and radX.

Press Release.
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First Goodbye History Televison Canada And Now This ...

Bad news. Bad enough that I'll probably drop the channel. EQ has shown quite a few Smithsonian programs over the years. They have been some of the worst offerings and most biased programs on EQ. We don't need a channel in Canada that will stress American (US) history and glorify everything American. That is the role of the Smithsonian. I have no objections to this role within America. Every country should celebrate itself. A Canadian equivalent might even be desirable. But for g*ds sake one of their programs portrayed Paul Tibbets as a hero. He was just doing his duty like any good soldier when he bombed Hiroshima but doing so was hardly makes him heroic.

Frankly I might just dump the entire slate, OASIS, RADX and HIFI as well. At one time they were the most reliable sources for HD 24/7. Today I rarely watch them. This announcement may just speed up the process of getting rid of them.

Added Comment: If anyone thinks I'm being unreasonable read the "About Smithsonian" section at the end of the press release. It says it all in unmistakable terms. We don't need "the American experience"/propaganda in Canada no matter how entertainly it is presented.
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Last I heard it was $6 for RadX, HIFI and EQ. Has that changed? As far as I'm concerned HIFI and RadX can disappear. As long as EQHD has programs like InFocus i'll pay. So do we have to pay extra to keep Oasis HD?
Most providers bundle Oasis HD, eqhd, HIFI and radX for around $5 or $6, so you probably can't drop just 1 channel. I expect they will change the name from eqhd to Smithsonian and keep the bundle the same.

steely, if you're on Shaw, "World & Adventure" includes all 4 for $6. I recall there was a discussion in the Shaw forum about how they were handling the various grandfathered packages, since they only had Oasis and added the other 3 much later.

Smithsonian Channel is a new network featuring exclusive, award-winning programming that entertains and inspires. Program genres, drawn from the world’s leading cultural institution, include air and space, science and nature, pop culture and history.

Premium specialty channel EQHD will be rebranded Smithsonian Channel on Wednesday, November 13, and will be available for viewers to sample in a special 2-month National Free Preview. Key launch programming highlights include:

The Incredible Bionic Man – Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Wednesday, November 13 at 10pm ET/PT
Using today’s best technology scientists build the world’s first bionic man – a talking, breathing, walking man, made of the best prosthetic body parts and robotic technology available.

Canada Over the Edge
Wednesdays 6pm ET/3pm PT beginning Wednesday, November 13
This aerial-documentary series explores the features that define Canada: the most-expansive coastline on Earth, and the world’s longest, undefended border. Our award-winning team of documentary directors and cinematographers will bring the landscape and history to life in crystal-clear close-up focus. From the urban centers of Halifax and St. John’s, to the remote wilderness of Canada’s world-famous National Parks, this series focuses on the rugged beauty and history of Canada’s Atlantic provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

L.A. Frock Stars – Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Thursdays at 8pm ET/5pm PT beginning Thursday, November 14
Fashion trends are fleeting, but good vintage garments are forever. Follow Doris and her team of vintage virtuosos as they give fine vintage frocks a second chance to shine at today’s red carpet events.

Kennedy Suicide Bomber – World Broadcast Premiere
Sunday, November 17 at 8pm ET/5pm PT
Rare manuscripts, court documents and key eyewitnesses reveal the chilling and largely untold story of Richard Pavlick, who tried to kill President-Elect John F. Kennedy in Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday, December 11th 1960, a month before Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President of the United States.

The Day Kennedy Died – World Broadcast Premiere
Sunday, November 17 at 9pm ET/6pm PT
The death of JFK has inspired thousands of books and debates over the last 50 years, but the stories of the people there on that day have gone largely untold…until now. Experience November 22, 1963 as it has never been presented before, in this minute-by-minute account of that day, narrated by Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey, and brought to life through rarely seen footage and rarely heard testimonies.

Canada 1812: Forged in Fire
Sundays at 6pm ET/3pm PT beginning Monday, November 18
It may be the most misunderstood war in history. When Americans and Canadians needle each other over a few beers, both sides say the other started it. Canadians say the Americans were trying to take over Canada. Americans say they were trying to fight British oppression. Both sides claim victory. One thing is certain – no event did more to shape the course of two nations, the fledgling United States of America, and the soon to be established Canada. This series will examine 6 central figures from the War of 1812 and through them see how events unfolded in the different arenas and social spheres that would shape the true north strong and free.

Wednesdays at 9pm ET/7pm PT beginning Wednesday, November 20
Today, scientists, engineers and inventors are searching for answers to some of the greatest questions of our times. From renewable energies, cures for diseases and searching for a planet that can sustain life, viewers go deep into subject matter that is often inaccessible to the public, to satisfy your curiosity and to illuminate the wonders of contemporary science and research.

Terror in the Skies – Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Sundays at 9pm ET/PT beginning Sunday, November 24
While plane crashes are rare, near misses in our crowded skies are anything but. Thanks to modern technology, these terrifying experiences are being captured as they happen, on cameras, mobile phones, and cockpit recordings, providing insights that are as informative as they are horrifying. See firsthand how recent pilot errors, technical failures, small mistakes, and big storms have placed passengers in life-or-death situations. Then discover why these incidents happened, and what must be done to prevent them from reoccurring.

Death Beach
Friday, November 29 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
Man-eating sharks seemingly flock to South Africa’s Second Beach. This remote coastline was once considered a surfer’s best-kept secret, but now its regarded as Earth’s most dangerous beach. Here, sharks don’t simply attack; they kill. Gruesome attacks have claimed six lives in five years. Something has triggered bizarrely aggressive behavior in these predators, and biologist Matt Dicken is on a quest to find out why. Join him as he confronts the killers in their own domain.

A Shot to Save the World – Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Sunday, December 29 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
It was 1952, and polio had reached outbreak levels in America. There was no known cause, no cure, and no help in sight for parents desperate to protect their children. Our nation’s hope was placed in a 33-year-old scientist, working from a basement lab in Pittsburgh. His name was Jonas Salk, and in just a few years, he would bring infantile paralysis to its knees and change the course of medical history. Travel back to a world gripped in fear and see how Dr. Salk, with his dedicated staff, a young charity, and a faithful nation, came together to conquer polio.
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Let us hope, at the very least, that they improve the closed captioning situation over what they currently have with Equator, or in fact, any of the current 4 high fidelity channels.

The Smithsonian channel will be an excellent educational channel, all the more reason for a captioned service accessible to all.
I don't mind the programming although it hardly seems original but I do object to the renaming of this channel to the name of an iconic American instititution that has nothing, absolutely nothing at all to do with our country. It is very likely that I will be severing my subscription with EQ as a result of this change and I urge all other patriotic Canadians to follow suit.
Been watching and loving Smithsonian in the states for a while. It's going to be a popular channel if the programming isn't watered down too much with cheapo Canadiana.
@clolin: I'm sorry to say I can pick out several el cheapo Can. shows and that isn't the only problem with their lineup:

1. Bionic Man, Quest, Death Beach - Sounds like shows already on Discovery, History
2. Canada Over The Edge - Has already been shown on OASIS (many times)
3. Frock Stars - This could be on Slice, W or Lifetime. Educational value?
4. Kennedy - These two programs might be interesting
5. Canada 1812 - Already shown. A low budget history series made in Canada
6. Terror in the Skies - ever heard of Mayday?
7. A Shot - "our nation". Clearly the staff at EQ didn't even bother to modify the US program publicity blurb. This could be pure rah-rah propaganda.

The real issue however is how often each of these shows will be repeated. I expect that each will be presented over and over until any real value in the shows will be completely gone. That has been the situation so far at all the other channels owned by the same group (Blue Ant/High Fidelity).
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I was never a real big fan of the EQuater channel any ways.
Sadly I was. When I first got my HDTV the four High Fidelity channels offered the only 24/7 HD while most of the other HD channels back then were part-time at best and HD in name only at worst. They guaranteed me something to watch in spectacular HD when HD was still for me an exciting new novelty. The problem was that they had so few shows that they repeated them ad nauseum. They are still doing this today. Is there anyone alive who has not seen each of their "IMAX Originals" several times? The same could be said for most of their other programming. Some of it has been good and some of it has even been better than good but it has all been killed by too much exposure. The fact that EQ's successor is going to start its life by actually highlighting shows that have already been broadcast does not bode well for this channel.
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is the smithsonian channel (formerly equater) going to finally come out in Standard Definition? right now its HD only.
Somehow I doubt it. The four channels in the suite (OASIS, HI-FI, Radx, and Equator/EQ/ and now The Smithsonian) were all licenced by the CRTC as unique HD only services at a time when HD was "new". I don't think they could add an SD service without getting approval.
History Television on Rogers is still available on channel HD- 483 AND SD-249. So Im tryin to figure out on this goodbye history televison.
It is very likely that I will be severing my subscription with EQ as a result of this change and I urge all other patriotic Canadians to follow suit.
Of all the reasons I can think of to unsubscribe to a channel -- especially if you like the programming -- not liking the name has got to be the silliest!
To summarize my three reasons:

1. I don't like the name. It has nothing to do with Canada
2. It is no more the American Smithsonian Channel than BBC Canada is the BBC
3. It looks like another channel that wil be mostly repeats and retreads.

BTW. I discovered last night that Cottage Life is already showing Canada Over The Edge so that makes it a show already seen on at least two channels before coming to Smithee. And also Quest is on PBS so it is not new either.
Why dont they call all these channels "light" instead of alot of people believing they will get the "real" channel lol

Crtc really has to go
This is too bad - we've had EQ for a few months now and along with Oasis find it to be the best stuff anywhere on television, with a whole lot of programming about non-North American history/culture/society/environment/etc. Whether the new channel is too American or not, or Canadian enough, in that sense, doesn't matter. If the highlighted programming is anything to go by, the global perspective there is going to be lost.
@verd: EQ/Oasis/Radx/Hi-Fi have all looked great for the first six months or so but the lack of programming eventually becomes just too obvious. They simply don't have enough content to broadcast 24/7 and be fresh.
@reidw: I'll agree with that to an extent - there is a lot of repetition. However, it isn't the case that they don't bring new programming in (new shows, new episodes), and then it depends on how many hours per day/week/month/etc a person has to watch. We've had Oasis for years (it's just the rest of that package that we picked up a few months ago) and never have a problem finding something new on it, but then we don't generally manage to find more than an hour or so for watching TV per day anyway.

In any case, there's nothing to say that Smithsonian will do any better, and my point was that the programming appears to be changing from something relatively unique to something less so.
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