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I liked this game way more than I expected to. The reviews are fairly polarized, which had me spooked a bit. There's nothing worse than buying a love/hate kind of game and finding yourself in the "hate" camp.

It has some control issues (some of which can be fixed via the control options), and some bugs (nothing game breaking). To be honest, I didn't care. The game had won me over before the tutorial was over.

The visuals are top rate, and the facial animations combined with the excellent voice acting make the game very compelling. Having a good story doesn't hurt.

The plot is loosely based on a classical Chinese novel - Journey to the West. Instead of a fantasy setting, it is placed at some point in humanity's near future. Some catastrophic event has caused the death of most people on the planet, but pockets of humanity survive in spite of ravaging mechs and slavers.

The gameplay is part action/combat and part platformer. Aside from some timing challenges, it is hard to mess up the platforming side of things. The combat isn't that hard to learn either. Both of these aspects were fine with me. I didn't want to be stuck too badly on any part of the game. I wanted to get to the next cut scene and event in the story!

I'm not the only one who likes it either...
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