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The system is grid connected and doesn't require batteries for backup. Any PV
power produced that is not immediately consumed is exported from your
home to the the electricity grid and credited to your account. In
effect, the whole power utility system is your battery.

The Enmax PV system is sized to produce about 20 per cent of the
average Albertan's power consumption, which means you might shave $15
off your monthly bill. You may have noticed, though, it will cost you
$40 monthly to lease the system from Enmax, and $1,500 to install it.

There's no economic benefit to this. You have to want to demonstrate
environmental leadership: that's the whole point. Oh, and it's cool.
And if you get the wind turbine and the PV modules, the city of
Calgary will pay Blue Rodeo to play at your next house party.
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