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For many years, when compared to others, my electric bill seems way out of wack.

The electric meter hasn't been changed in close to the 30 years I've been in the house.

Can it be out of calibration.

How do I get Enmax to replace it and check it's accuracy?
And if it's been overcharging me, how do I get some of it back?

I know I have lots of electronic toys, but my Enmax bill is >$400/month on a < 1000 Sq. Ft. Bungalow.

And NO, I'm not running a grow op!

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I looked at the whole home meter, but it appears they just count the revolutions of the meter, so if it's out, then so would the external reader.
Need something total independent.

I'm bidding on some Kill-A-Watt units on ebay, but may just grab a UPM from Rona.

Hot water heater and furnace are natural gas.
Total Bill is based on Electricity, Natural Gas and Water.
Water is non metered.
Electricity is on a plan at $0.07 /kWh

House is detached bungalow at ~ 980 sq. ft.
2x4 walls
All new windows & doors. Very high quality.

Here are some electricity numbers:
August 1521 kWh $106.47
Sept 1648 kWh $115.36
October 1530 kWh $107.10
November 408 kWh $28.56

Every bill code indicates ACTUAL reading.

Looking at the annual graph;
Last May was practically no consumption, but June was towards 3300 kWh.
Last Jan was a spike to over 4500 kWh.

A few years back, they tried to bill me $1200.
When I complained, it suddenly became ~ $200.

From what I can gather from federal weights and measures regulations, the worst case is 12 years for meters to be replaced or recertified.
I may be reading it wrong.

I understand that when replacing a meter, they are supposed to knock on your door first to advise you and if not, at least leave a card.

I've had neither in the last 27 years.

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That's interesting.
And the factor is not related to the P.F. as that would be load dependent.

I'll try and read up on it, never heard of that before.

Reading your sig, nice setup.
I had a 56' Rohn until it fell over some years back, 73.

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No idea.
I'd say next month will be WAY more and average out the two months.

I haven't checked my meter, but we did tape over it this summer to test if the guy actually came out and looked over the back fence with his telescope to read the damn thing.

You are correct about the bill being integrated.
Natural gas is cheap and I have no issues with that, othan than on my birthday this past Monday, the motor crapped out and cost me $567 to get it fixed and some cracks may be showing in the heat exchanger.
It's a 30 year old Lennox.
He says it's about 70% and the new ones they pitch are 98% and the DC motors draw ~ 3 amps vs my AC motor at 8 A.

So maybe a new furnace will say on the electricity as well, but at a cost around $5K, it's a tough pill to swallow.

Me and the misses are 50+, I work.
house as described.
2 servers with 16TB
1 laptop
3 client PC's.
55" Plasma
32" LCD
1 Hot tub that runs off 110. It's a 1.5KW heater. 600 litre (4'x6' 2 seats and 1 lounge seat)
NEW HE washer and dryer. Electric
1 upright deep freezer.
95% fluorescent and CFL throughout.
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