Edgewater Wireless Systems wants mobile service providers to know that it has successfully completed FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Certification testing of its EAP3000 family of wideband, multi-channel WiFi access point (AP) products.

The Ottawa-based firm develops technology products to enhance WiFi network performance and the EAP3000 product suite has proven "to be more than 50 times faster compared to access points with single-channel radio solutions."

The FCC certification means it can begin selling the popular EAP3000 units in the US and global market.

Andrew Skafel, president of the company, outlines the market opportunity: "The Wireless Broadband Alliance predicts that global demand for WiFi will increase 350 percent by 2015, bringing the total number of hot spots to 5.8 million from the approximate 1.3 million that are currently in use. Edgewater Wireless is ready to participate in that growth."

Skafel notes that the EAP3000 family of access points has been designed specifically "to solve the capacity crunch" created by the exploding use of smartphones and tablets.