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Easy silent up-grade fan and HD on 6412 possible.

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I just followed the instructions on this thread and put in a Western Digital Green 1 terrabyte. The kicker was that in doing so the fan on my 6412 blew up!
I just replaced it with a more robust server 40mm 12 volt that has a sensor line so it will work with the 6412 after some messing around. Trouble is that it was a little bit industrial strength in the blow department and sounded like a miniature helicopter taking off in my living room.

I had a Zalman fan controller hanging around so I just rewired it and put the controller wires through the old tamper proofing plastic breakout hole.
The fan is now running around 2000 or less rpm and is quiet as a church mouse and seems really happy..before at 12 volts it was running at full 3200 rpm so it was rather loud.

The Western Digital Green is the quietest HDD I have ever seen and seems perfect for pvr application ...all an all I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER!

Thank you for all that have contributed to this forum and especially for the encouragement to think outside the box!

If anyone wants details and photos of a how to then feel free to PM me.

Thanks again
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Hey Eric,

Extremely happy to hear it worked out. Could you post an image here to show the space the Zalman is taking up? Just use to host the image :)
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