Eastlink, Canada's largest family owned and operated telecommunications company, added a new service for customers this month.

Eastlink Stream allows viewers to stream live TV, along with prime time shows and movies on demand on mobile devices. The service is an app that is available for use on computers, tablets and smartphones at no extra cost.

The new offering is a development that comes from trials done with Eastlink customers earlier this year, in efforts by the company to create services that consumers want.

"We like to say that this product was designed by the experts and refined by our customers," says Mr. Bragg. "Trial participants were clear about the importance of having access to all of their video content in one spot, and making that experience really simple to navigate."

Eastlink Stream, allows consumers to:
  • Surf the app with a swipe to see what else is on while watching their current show
  • Discover content in a variety of ways - by network, show title, genre etc – without leaving the app
  • Search for a show on Live TV or from within the huge OnDemand library on the same app
  • Leave the app and return to the same show
  • Watch most popular channels Live and OnDemand from anywhere in Canada.

For more information about Eastlink Stream, visit eastlink.ca/stream