In an announcement held at Eastlink’s Nova Scotia headquarters today, the company confirmed it will make a $6.5M investment in Rural Nova Scotia, bringing high speed Internet and other advanced fibre services to thousands of people living in rural Nova Scotia.

Areas being upgraded include the BRNS community of West Pubnico, as well as the communities of Guysborough, Inverness, Mabou, Judique, Port Hood and Port Hastings.

As a company that predominantly serves non-urban areas, Eastlink has a long history of investing in rural towns and communities.

“Investing in small towns and communities is a fundamental part of who we are as a company,” said Eastlink CEO, Lee Bragg, “We appreciate that when it comes to Internet in rural Nova Scotia, there have and continue to be challenges. We are very pleased to make an additional investment towards improvement in these areas.”

Over the past 15 years, Eastlink has invested in excess of $1B dollars in its fibre and wireless networks to connect hundreds of small communities in Nova Scotia to the same services generally found in urban areas from other providers.

This includes high speed Internet delivered over the company’s hybrid fibre network.

Eastlink’s contribution to connect rural communities in the southern part of the province to the Rural Broadband service totals more than $35M.

“We continue to invest heavily to ensure as many rural Nova Scotians as possible have access to high speed Internet, as well as our other advanced fibre-based services,” continued Mr. Bragg who confirmed that $5.5M will go towards the expansion of the company’s core fibre services.

Last year, the company invested $2M to expand its fibre-based Internet services to just over 800 additional homes in Lower East Pubnico in the Municipality of Argyle and Upper Granville/Granville Station in Annapolis County.

Fibre upgrade work is already underway in the community of Guysborough. Eastlink expects work to begin on the BRNS improvement areas later this fall.

Mr. Bragg says Eastlink has submitted a proposal to the provincial government so the company can continue to make more important upgrades in even more communities.