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Does anyone know where I can find Eastlink's frequencies for their free preview channels for Halifax? I use a ClearQAM tv tuner on my HTPC and it detects ALL digital channels 98% of which are encrypted. The problem is, there is no way with the software to automatically de-select the encrypted channels. So right now I have to check each channel manually to see if its encrypted or not. On my father's tv in Charlottetown I was able to see the actual channel frequency, but for some reason that doesnt show up at my house. If I had the freqs I could match them up to the list of ClearQAM channels I have and it would make my life a LOT easier.

Thanks in advance,

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Try these (availability may differ depending on area and channels subscribed):

66-10 LTV (SD)

102-3 Sportnset (HD)

109-1 TV 38 (SD)
109-2 Sportsnet (HD)
109-3 Sun TV

111-1 Global (HD)
111-2 CityTV (HD)

114-10 Encore Sports (SD)
114-11 Turner Classic Movies (SD)
114-12 AMC (SD)

115-1 Teletoon Retro (SD)
115-2 Encore Sports (HD)
115-3 Disney Playhouse
115-4 Big Ten (HD)

116-1 AMC (HD)
116-2 History (HD)

120-1 Turner Classic Movies (HD)
120-2 CNN (HD)
120-3 Movie Time (HD)

121-1 Series + (HD)
121-2 Z Tele (HD)

123-3 Sports(?) (HD)

This list doesn't include the music and audio-only channels.

You can also plug your postal code into this site and see which channels turn up:
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