EastLink Cable announced this week that its entire cable line-up in Sydney Nova Scotia will be available on digital cable within the next several months.

To encourage subscribers to move from analog to digital cable, the company has also opened two stores where customers can pick up digital boxes and get more information.

The stores are located in the Sydney Shopping Centre and the North Sydney Mall.

For customers new to Eastlink digital cable, benefits over existing analog service include improved picture quality, 40 added music channels, access to Pay Per View movies and events, a seven day onscreen interactive program guide and access to specialty channels.

For current analog customers, the upgrade to digital cable will require them to rent a digital cable set box for each television they wish to watch digital channels on.

Eastlink says it offering free set top boxes to existing customers wishing to receive the same TV programming they have today, however customers wishing to upgrade to full digital will be required to pay $4.95 per month per set top box.

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