A Canadian company has launched a new app that gives cabbies access to the same technology that’s made Uber so popular.

The Ride , an all-in-one taxi app, is now available in 35 Canadian cities and towns, allowing people to hail a cab electronically, and meet other transportation needs.

“All taxi, all transit, carshare and more…all in one app,” says the website.

Automatic payment of fares is not included with The Ride as it is with Uber, but users can enter a pick-up and drop-off location and view a map to see how far away their driver is.

Users can also compare the cost and length of a cab trip to a similar ride taken on local transit.

For members of carsharing sevices like Zipcar and Car2Go, the app allows users to find available cars near their location.

As a true all-in-one, the transportation app also works in collaboration with #TAXI, the phone number that connects users to a taxi dispatcher in their area. As an extra service, The Ride connects users to taxi dispatchers in locations where the app doesn’t yet offer its e-hailing service. In doing so, the new app will serve more than 700 Canadian cities and towns.

Now there’s no excuse for not catching a ride this holiday season.