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Ooh la la!

When E! (Star!, or whatever) aired "Wild On" in Canada, we got to see the European version with more nudity (the tiled parts only appeared if a specific person didn't want to appear naked on TV, or couldn't be found to sign the waiver). The Americans only got to see the censored version (like they did for "Girls Next Door," etc.).

France and Canada are actually quite similar. We like seeing flesh and some of us know how to speak French. They like seeing flesh and some of them know how to speak English. In both countries, the French-speaking population pretends that they can't speak English (even though many of them can) anytime you ask them a question in English.

I took a look at that link and was surprised to see that E! has so many different versions across the Globe. I had no idea that the Cardassians could speak so many different languages. Brains AND beauty ... it's just not fair!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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