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I've got a bit of an oddball problem. We're working on finishing a basement that is below another apartment. We've decided to decouple the apartment above from the forced air by putting in radiators in the apartment, which amongst other things removes a major sound transmission path. We want to minimize noise transmission (tv, kids playing) to the apartment bedroom above.

The existing ductwork to the rest of the house is all below joist level except under the bit of ground floor that isn't part of the separate apartment. We will be putting in a drywall ceiling with insulation, sound clips/hat channel greenglue etc.

The choices I see are:
1) Box in the ductwork. This requires extra clips for hanging a frame for boxing in the ducts as well as some sort of baffling since the ductwork would pass between the ceiling and the floor.
2) Have the ductwork suspended below the "soundproofed" (sound reduced) ceiling so there would be no concern regarding noise carried through the ducts. This would require some method of suspending the ducts that wouldn't wreck the acoustical blocking of a ceiling that should have almost no penetrations otherwise.

Option 2 seems much better. There is a support beam inbetween the main trunk and cold air return that will need to be boxed around but there should be enough room for that. I'm just looking to see if anyone has clever ideas of how this might be done. Ideally we'd like to panel or drywall around the ducts as well but I'm worried about this creating a sandwich effect of cavity below cavity. If it gets too complex I may opt to spend the money on radiant heat and ditch the ducts all together.

Any help appreciated.
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