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DSLR Video: 60D vs GH2

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A Canon Video website just compared the 60d with the GH2 with surprising results. It looks like there is more to good video IQ than a large sensor.

"Sadly, it seems November 2010 is to be the month Canon lose the DSLR video image quality fight to Panasonic.

•The GH2 is stronger at high ISOs
•The GH2 resolves almost twice the detail and resolution in 1080p mode than the Canon, 3x more in crop mode
•The GH2's colour and dynamic range are equal, and the GH1's mud & banding issues are fixed
•The GH2 does not have the serious moire and aliasing issues of the 60D in 1080p, and especially in 720p

The 60D (like the 550D and 7D) has a sensor which is a year older than the GH2's and an image processor which is 2 years older so it really is no surprise that Canon have let the crown slip. When are we getting a replacement? Late 2011? By then, they'd have lost so many sales to Panasonic and their long touted video DSLRs will be far less desirable versus the competition.

It presents a particular dilemma for those recent buyers of the 550D, 7D or 60D and also for me. I don't want to cover only the GH2 on a site branded after the EOS but Canon is making the task a little difficult when their products are now so far behind."
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