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DSL to Rogers?

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at the moment i have DSL ($30/mo for 5M, 60GB cap)
i have Primus VOIP
i have no need for the twisted pair from Bell ($27/mo)
i use a paid news service & use a hosted service for email via exchange
so for $60/mo i can get Extreme (15M) which is pretty close to breakin even
anything i am missing i.e. restrictions, gotchas??


PS i have Rogers cable & cellular already
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The Rogers bundles may give you an edge if you willing to commit for 2 years.
Why not consider Teksavvy? Many folks around here have it. Cheaper than Rogers with higher bandwidth caps
bandwidth isn't a big issue, i was looking for higher download speeds
with Teksavvy i am still limited to 5Mbps

i checked last year for dry loop, but since i don't use Bell, they wanted $42/mo, where i am only paying $27 for a phone # i don't use

I was speaking of Teksavvy Cable.

see TekSavvy Cable Internet Discussion
sorry, i missed the cable tab...
i clicked 'order' & typed in my postal code, but it came back & said
'We are sorry but cable internet is not currently available for the Postal Code (k0a3p0) you specfied.
Please try again later. '

does that mean from Rogers too (their site is down for P/C checking)?


called Teksavvy & no service in my area until at least the end of the year - disappointing!
You should have no trouble with getting Rogers
anything i am missing i.e. restrictions, gotchas??
IIRC, unless you subscribe to Rogers phone, VOIP counts toward data use and the data cap may become an issue. That's not a problem if the phone is not used much. If it is used several hours a day, it becomes an issue.
thanks for the heads-up
i checked my usage over the last few months & 80GB isn't enough with my VOIP
i guess i'll stay with what i've got until Teksavvy gets to my area

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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