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Does Technician Re-wire inside of your home?

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I have a technician coming tomorrow to my apartment.
But my TV and cable outlet is located on the opposite side of the wall, and I'm wondering do I need to move the TV or can the technician staple the cable along the wall?
One of my friend told me that the technician did it, but wasn't sure if that was a common practice.
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I don't really care if they staple as it's an apartment. I just didn't want them saying "we only do a set-up", and leave...
they did staple the cable against the wall. I wouldn't even try to use words like clean or neat job (lets just say I could have done better job if I had 20 minutes and the staple gun), but he did it, and that's all i care:)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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