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Shaw does carry many channels with varying amounts of soccer. If you are interested in non-North America football then the following channels are ones you should look at

Setanta Canada (Ch 154 SD)
GolTV (CH 151 SD)
Fox Sportsworld Canada (Ch 156 SD)
Telelatino or one of the Italian language channels

Note that there are rumours that Setanta and GolTV will be available in Canada shortly in HD but nothing has been announced by Shaw as to when or if they will be carrying them in the neat future.

North American soccer and limited non-North American soccer are also carried by Sportsnet (SD and limited HD), TSN (SD And HD), TSN2 (SD and HD), CBC (SD and HD) and the Score (SD and HD).

There is quite a bit of soccer available but it can get expensive to get all that is available.
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