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Does Fibreop TV run on Mediaroom?

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Does anyone know if the FibreOp TV run on the mediaroom platform? if not do you know what platform it runs on? the Bell's FibeTV runs on mediaroom and has a lot of very interesting features i would love to see, like multiroom DVR, recording up to 4 shows at once and instantaneous channel changing
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From the screenshots I've seen of FibreOp TV, it's not Mediaroom. MTS, Telus, Bell and Sasktel have Mediaroom, so Aliant is the only major Canadian telco not using it - yet.
I had my fibreop installed today and when i go into the menu's there is a Microsoft logo on the bottom center of the screen that is animated (kind of like to classic IE animation when loading a webpage)
Hey FuzzFace,

Install Orb, share some videos, and PM me the login details. I'm very curious to see the quality I see from a 5 Mbps upload.
FuzzFace, take a look at to see what Mediaroom looks like. If you're seeing a Microsoft logo it could be for Windows CE which is a version of Windows designed for specialized appliances. The STB or PVR software runs on top of the operating system.
I found this link that says that aliant is planning on upgradeing to mediaroom by early 2011
found another pdf online that references aliant rolling out mediaroom at the end of the year, this one is a teleconference transcript.
Those articles were some good reads thank-you!
Mediaroom will be nice once it makes it to our set top boxes.
I hope Aliant allows the XBOX 360 as a client like Telus does. It's pretty cool integration, but it can't be the main DVR. It would be great to have one device for TV, Netflix, home media, games.

Of course, then they'd be losing $15/month from me.
Will it do anything for the HD picture quality? That was the one thing I didn't like about the Aliant TV service when I had it.
I hope so. I read in another thread that Fibe TV is also 8 Mbps. People there claim that the HD looks as good as their previous provider. Perhaps Mediaroom does some magic.

Currently, Bell aliant TV is certainly softer than the HD image I received from Bell.
FTTH has plenty of bandwidth so HD picture quality shouldn't be an issue. The old Aliant TV was optimized to run on copper. It may even be running MPEG-2 which is about half as efficient as MPEG-4 which Mediaroom uses.
Fibreop runs on MPEG-4 and I see no issues with HD quality, i find it better than rogers which was highly compressed and often has pixilization
FuzzFace, have you watched hockey on a 50" or larger screen? It gets very pixelly at my place. If it doesn't at yours, I need an upgrade in my equipment!
42" and I don't watch sports so that may be why I don't see it but I did see pixelation on rogers
FuzzFace, that makes sense. I really don't see much difference watching HBO, or other non-sports programming.
I don't see a great deal of difference between Bell Sat HD and Fibre HD.
(networks only seem very soft...Treasure and Oasis look good)

But, the difference between this and a downloaded TV show doesn't compare.
Even a show from CTV looks way better than the same show on my PVR.

May be the equipment....may be the feed??????
Fibreop runs on MPEG-4 and I see no issues with HD quality, i find it better than rogers which was highly compressed and often has pixilization
I had it for a couple of days when it first came out and found the pixelization a lot worse then Rogers.

But that was nearly a year ago and Rogers hasn't been behaving well in terms of new channels (or taking away our TMN OD HD movies), so I'm open to looking again if things have improved.
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