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Does anybody know if we are getting new cable boxes in NL?

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Have not seen any updates with regards to getting any new cable boxes i.e. the Motorola 3400. Anybody got anything to add?
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I sure as heck hope so. I just brought back my ancient 6208 with a dying HDD.. and guess what, they gave me another friggin' 6208. It's 2011 and Rogers is still giving people digital high def devices that don't have an HDMI connection.. ridiculous. Not to mention I'm stuck with 80GB of HDD space again. She absolutely refused to give me the dual-tuner PVR in exchange where I had the 6208 single-tuner already. Not impressed (NL btw).
I retract what I said earlier. After calling the National Call Centre they let me switch to the dual-tuner model. I just had to go to a RogersPlus store as opposed to our local Rogers depot.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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