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as a htpc? edit: After writing this I'm not sure what to call this pc. It won't be called upon to play much 1080i, if any. It will see a lot of duty playing dvds and sd tv. It won't be a NAS box because it only holds a drive or two.

Brand Foxconn, Model R40-D2
CPU Type Intel Atom D510, North Bridge Intel NM10
Memory 2 x 240Pin, Memory Type Supported DDR2 800/667, Max Memory Supported 4GB

Expansion Slots, PCI 1
Serial ATA, 2 x SATA 3.0Gb/s
Onboard Video Intel GMA 3150
Channel 6-CH
Max LAN Speed 10/100/1000Mbs
Extension Bays 3.5" Internal bays 1
5.25" External bays 1
Front USB 2
Front Audio Ports 2 jacks
Card Reader 19-in-1 Card Reader
Back Panel Ports PS/2
COM 1, LPT 1
VGA 1 x D-Sub
Rear USB 4
RJ45 1
Rear Audio Ports 3 jacks
Power Supply DSI-250P 200W (standard)
280*282*95mm = 7.5L

If I'm reading it right all that's needed is a hdd and ram. Cpu, video, nic, all that stuff is there in a smallish case (that isn't too ugly). The tuner choices are limited compared to a board with more slots. My Homerun is slotless.

I have one major concern. Can this motherboard feed two xbox 360 extenders that each are watching a ota hd program?

Can someone help me with the math here?

To keep the math easier I'm assuming discrete hd signals.

Each ota hd signal is about 18 mb/s. Is that about right? Since my HR is dual tuners about 36 mb/s of signal are entering my htpc through the nic? Now, once the signal enters my htpc it gets processed/queued then sent out to the xboxes? So 36 mb/s are leaving the htpc? That's a total of 72 mb/s of traffic on the network? Add in a program being recorded in the background and the network is at 90 mb/s. Does that pose a problems for a Gb network installation? My math says a 100 mb network should handle all that traffic, just.

So, do you think it can handle the traffic I outlined?
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