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Do HTPC's become obsolete?

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Well, I guess they must. But what is the expected life of one? Longer than a regular computer? For example, if you bought a Revo, do you think it would be unable to play television at some point because the technology passed it?
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Well, it does matter, sort of. For example, the laptop I now own, an iBook G4. It can't play streaming video... but I never could have imagined streaming video when I bought it. So, I'm sure there will be something new and useful that whatever I get for watching TV won't be able to do.

DanceswithLysol - forgive my ignorance. Is the Revo a nettop" style HTPC?
DanceswithLysol - Could you please name a few HTPC brand's that would fit your description of a fast general purpose processor?
I'm not up for putting together separate components to build my own thing. That's something my brother might be able to do, but right now, I just want to get something that I can get up and running, without tons of finicky problems, so my kids can watch some downloaded shows, some streaming shows. We don't have a current video library, but we could use our back-up hard-drive as an external source for movies and series that we might download in the future.
Ok, thanks for those two recommendations!

So, just so I understand better. HTPC's are basically desktops, in a tiny box without a screen/keyboard/mouse...? Kind of like the Mac Mini? Or, are they all that, plus built specifically for video capabilities?

My brother has two ACER Revo's that he really likes... but I'm not sure if they are what you are describing. He's going to lend me one for a bit to try out.
This is an interesting conversation, although the specs are beyond me.

So, what is the easiest combo of software and hardware to go with that will be able to last a while?
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