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Do HTPC's become obsolete?

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Well, I guess they must. But what is the expected life of one? Longer than a regular computer? For example, if you bought a Revo, do you think it would be unable to play television at some point because the technology passed it?
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I bought my HTPC four + years ago. It has an E6600 CPU. I still use it although not as my primary unit but that is because that I have decided to go with a client-server architecture instead. I did upgrade it from Win XP MCE to Win7 HP - I bought it just before Vista was released but never installed Vista on it as I also used it with V1 extenders that only worked with XP.

But it will be more than enough to act as a front end for stuff like Netflix, etc.
Having said all that, Linux/MythTV is the OS of choice for HTPC, but if it is too exotic for you then look for a Windows-based HTPC app or solution that properly supports Canadian OTA and that respects your consumer rights.
SageTV fits this category as it has no DRM and Sage does directly support Canada for guide data and for OTA, although there can be some hiccups in setting up your initial channel lineup. Sage runs on Windows, Macs and Linux - the only downside is that the software costs $80 - but that is US pesos so a little bit less in loonies.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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