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Do HTPC's become obsolete?

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Well, I guess they must. But what is the expected life of one? Longer than a regular computer? For example, if you bought a Revo, do you think it would be unable to play television at some point because the technology passed it?
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My HTPC is about 2 years old and is still running strong, now with Win 7. There is enough horsepower and capacity in it to easily record 4 simultaneous TV recordings (OTA, HD Cable) and playback a Blu-ray rip. I see it going strong for another 3 to 4 years. It also does everything else in the house including being a file server and home automation controller.
All you need is a typical PC at your local retailer (like an Acer for $379). Spend more, and you'll get a HTPC that may be more reliable, will last longer, be more powerful, or contain a BluRay player.

The Acer comes with HDMI, Win 7 Home Premium (comes with Media Center), 500 GB HD, DVD Drive, etc. Add an Infrared Receiver and remote control (you can find these on-line for about $30). Now you have a HTPC.

Windows Media Center will play your DVD's, or you can rip them with some software. It will play your music, and photo slide shows. You can add some free software, like Media Browser that will catalog your DVD's, get you movie trailers, and allow your to set up video podcasts for streaming.

Later you can add more hard drives (you can get an internal 2 TB drive for $60 right now) or a $120 TV tuner to grab cable or Over the Air (OTA) TV and make it a Personal Video Recorder (PVR).

Grab software called Remote Potato, and your iPad/Pod can see those Recorded TV shows, movies, or play your music from anywhere. The possibilities are endless. Start simple.
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1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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