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Don't know if you are still looking for this, but it is coming avialable in Canada this month. Some online retailers already have it on hand / on order. Check CDW,, etc.

I got one this week and have started playing with it, but can't answer on the dual WAN as I don't require it. I don't recall seing anywhere that said it couldn't do it, I assumed it could. They did release a firmware update the last week of December, so that may have done the trick.

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Found the firmware release notes. Haven't been able to get 1.03 installed for some reason, but at least you can see the added features.

The Wan2 port is fully configurable on my unit, running 1.02. I can set it for auto-rollover, or load balancing. Load balancing options are "Round Robin" or "Spillover Mode". Not sure what either mean. I can't test it of course as I only have one WAN connection at home.

Hope it helps, you run a great forum.

New Features
1. Support Non-Split tunnel for IPSec VPN.
2. Support USB storage and printer sharing.
3. Improve WAN configuration page based on drop-down menu.
4. Support logging for SSL VPN activity.
5. Support Interoperability with Cisco VPN client in iPhone OS4.
6. Support NAT hair-pinning.
7. Reverse the logs display, so that the latest logs are shown at the top of the
8. Support DWM-152/156 A3 3G USB dongle. (This only affects in
DSR-1000/1000N)9. Support for enable / disable Jumbo frames.
10. Support for add / edit / delete routing table of secondary PPPoE tunnel.
11. Spill over mode improvements - configurable maximum WAN bandwidth
and load tolerance.
12. Support captive portal.
13. Support Blowfish and CAST-128 encryption-authentication algorithms in
IKE Policy Configuration page.
14. Support for IPSec policy option for AH alone (without ESP)
15. Support for temporary blocking of user login for brute password attack.
16. Available to choose the local traffic selector in VPN Wizard page.

1. Added support for Russia PPTP/L2TP Dual Access.
2. Support IPSec Failover
3. Support for DWM-152/156 A1/A2 3G USB dongles with firmware 1.03 and
4. Added support for RFC 3442 for DHCP client

SSL VPN module upgrade to support SSL VPN on Windows 7 and Mac 10.6
operating systems

It’s the first release.
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