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Ditch the dish

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Just moved to Ontario, my new building does not permit satellite dishes, so my BEV 9241 is useless. How can I go about swapping my 9241 for an 8642?

The website says I also need to sign up for Internet or Home Phone to get the PVR, which I am not interested in. Meanwhile, the Rogers Plus stores say I just need to sign a 2 yr agreement.

I really want an 8642, the 8300 is quite rudimentary compared to the BEV 9241.

I know I can buy an 8642 for $500, and I have had an offer of $200 for my BEV receiver in a private sale. Should I go that way?
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The new 8642 doesn't offer any real benefits over the 8300. In fact it deletes some features some of us use regularly. I see no reason to fork over the big bucks for the new box. If Rogers changes the user interface, the 8642 may be able to do some new tricks but don't hold your breath.
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