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Ditch the dish

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Just moved to Ontario, my new building does not permit satellite dishes, so my BEV 9241 is useless. How can I go about swapping my 9241 for an 8642?

The website says I also need to sign up for Internet or Home Phone to get the PVR, which I am not interested in. Meanwhile, the Rogers Plus stores say I just need to sign a 2 yr agreement.

I really want an 8642, the 8300 is quite rudimentary compared to the BEV 9241.

I know I can buy an 8642 for $500, and I have had an offer of $200 for my BEV receiver in a private sale. Should I go that way?
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If you think the 8642 is "streets ahead" of the 8300 you should really check out the thread outlining the differences ( The n/w may be new but they are still limited by the s/w.
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