Discovery Brands, a joint venture between Discovery Communications and CTV, today announced it would launch a new digital television channel in Canada later this year and rebrand two other Discovery channels.

Discovery World HD, a rebranding of Discovery HD, will launch on August 2nd, Investigation Discovery (ID), a new channel to Canada will launch on Monday, August 30th and Discovery Science, a rebranding of Discovery Civilization will launch on Monday, September 27th.

Investigation Discovery is a pickup from the U.S. where the station was been broadcasting since January 2008. The station programming dealing with criminal investigations, primarily homicide investigations, and other crime-related documentaries.

Shows of note on Investigation Discovery will include: "On the Case with Paula Zahn" which examines headline-grabbing criminal investigations; "Prison Wives" which profiles men and women who have fallen in love – and remain devoted to each other – despite one spouse serving time behind bars; and "I almost got away with it" which follows the lives of criminals on the run.

In addition to the two new stations, the company said it would be rebranding Discovery HD and Discovery Civilization to Discovery World HD and Discovery Science respectively.

Shows on Discovery World HD will include and exploration of the cosmos in "Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman"; "South Pacific," a BBC series which lets users experience the isolated beauty of the world’s biggest ocean and "Savaged," which lets viewers know how to survive an animal attack.

Discovery Science, which replaces Discovery Civilization on September 27th, will focus on technological innovations, ingenious breakthroughs and the latest consumer gadgets.

Shows will include: "Sci Fi With Michio Kaku" which poses the idea that science fiction may not be so far from science fact; "Science Of The Movies," which breaks down famous movie scenes to reveal how each sequence was strung together; and "Meteorite Men," about hunting for meteors.

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