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Discovery HD now airing on Bell Satellite and Fibe TV

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Discovery Channel HD, a high definition version of the Discovery Channel, launched today on Bell Satellite and Bell Fibe TV.

If you're scratching your head thinking, didn't Canada already have the Discovery Channel in HD then you are not alone.

Discovery HD first went on air on August 15, 2003 and continued until August 2, 2010 when it was replaced by Discovery World HD.

The original Discovery HD ran a unique schedule of primarily HD programming which overlapped but did not mimic the standard definition version of the Discovery Channel.

The new Discovery HD is a high definition simulcast of the standard definition (SD) version which airs today that also includes Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. The station is available on Fibe TV on channel 1520 and on Bell Satellite TV (BSTV) on channel 1602.

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Let me try and clear up any confusion regarding the launch of our Discovery Channel simulcast in HD.

Discovery Channel HD mirrors exactly the standard definition channel and so almost all of Discovery’s favourite shows are now available in HD.

Discovery World HD is a distinct and separate channel with entirely unique content in prime time. Its program schedule is entirely distinct from Discovery Channel HD.

So now HD viewers have two different Discovery networks to choose from – Discovery Channel HD and Discovery World HD. Different channels. Different content. Different schedules.

And that’s not all.

Later this year we will also be launching HD simulcasts of Animal Planet, Discovery Science and Investigation Discovery.

Hope this helps to clarify the situation.

Paul Lewis, President & GM, Discovery Networks Canada

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Now how about getting all of those channels on Rogers.

I know Discovery is owned by Bell golbemedia, so I hope Bell won't be withhoilding these channels from rogers/Shaw/other non-Bell distributors......
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