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Hello all first post here. I'm looking to compare the dimensions of two of bell receivers.

I am quite new to the Bell receivers and need to know what the dimensions of the ExpressVu 6141 receiver is.

I know the 6131 is as follows, Dimensions: 5.08 cm (H) x 33.5 (W) x 25.9 cm (D). I need to know if the dimensions are *exact* for the 6141 (including the height of the feet). I am trying to order a custom faceplate for the 6131 however the manufacture of the custom face plates (Middle Atlantic) only has the ExpressVu 6141 listed. Need to know if i can order a custom face plate from Middle Atlantic's database 6141 that will fit the 6131.

I know with Shaw receivers many of them use the same chassis. But as i mentioned not familiar with Bell's makes or models. I tried searching google and this forum but too many irrelevant results came back.

I was going to post this in the owners' thread but didn't want to get into trouble hehe :)

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