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Digital vs Analog

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I'm a fairly new Shaw TV subscriber. I have an HDPVR box (the newer one needed to get NFL Sunday Ticket). I just have Basic Cable w/ HD Plus. They have the box set to be all digital, so any of the analog channels I don't pay for (Tier 1, 2, 3) don't come in on the box of course.

My question is.....can I call Shaw and ask that my Basic cable channels come in analog instead of digital? I'm not saying I want that, but just curious if it's even an option to go back to analog once they have it set to digital for all channels?
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when you say "your digital box doesn't have an analog tuner", you mean the one I have specifically (the NFL sunday ticket one)? Cause I used to have an older version where analog channels came in.

analog tuner - this would be built into the TV yes?, so basically cable straight from wall to TV?
thanks. I was thinking of buying my friends Pace Tahoe, which has an analog tuner. When I call Shaw to add to my account, will they default the map to ananlog or digital? Can I specifically ask for the analog map, without sounding crazy?
there seems to be some channels that are only available via analog, correct? TV Guide, and channel 11?
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