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Just bought a new LED-LCD TV for the living room, and when I did a channel scan I found a whole lot of channels in the Digital Cable section, that are all audio only, radio stations. They show up as 93-101, 93-102, etc, and skip around all the way up to about 111-200.

None of the lists I've been able to find online seem to reference any of those channel numbering schemes, though. Does anyone know how to find out what station is what?

Shaw Basic Cable, Langley, BC, if that helps. We have no paid digital service that I'm aware of.

We are going to look into OTA in more detail now that our TV's all have ATSC tuners, so this question might be moot in a month or so, but others might want to know too.

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I believe these are the Digital Music channels 401-440 that are available through a digital cable box. These channel numbers are re-mapped from the basic digital channels that you see with a TV that has an ATSC digital tuner that see the unmapped ATSC digital channels. As they are not encrypted by Shaw they are available to any Shaw customer with a ATSC tuner but you need to know the channels ATSC channel numbers which aren't published as far as I know or use the channel up/channel down feature of your TV tuner to get to them. Not as convenient as accessing through a digital box.

Shaw has few, if any, TV channels that are not encrypted. If any are they could be accessed by this method. I have digital service but have noted this behavior at my sister's place which doesn't have digital service.

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Most Likely CBC Galaxie

If you leave one of those channels running for awhile you'll probably hear an announcement that they are CBC Galaxie audio channels. If so, they're actually carried by Shaw as Clear QAM channels and not ATSC, which means that you get them by having your HDTV's own tuner set to "CABLE" rather than "ANTENNA". Unfortunately Galaxie's on-screen data does not arrive in that Clear QAM signal whereas a digital box subscriber would see the title of the piece, the name of the performer, and some other info. You can go to Galaxie's web site at any time to see what is currently playing and what has recently played, but you'll have to guess at which channel number of yours matches what Shaw and Galaxie say that digital boxes use.

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@stampeder, That's what I was afraid of. So ill have to go through and find out which channel is which on my own. What a pain.

Is the numbering my TV shows unique to my make/model of TV, or would there be value to others in me posting my findings?

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See if this maps for you...

72.764 Video On Demand Promotion
72.765 Video On Demand Welcome Screen
93.13 Music Max Trax Masterworks
93.14 Music Max Trax The Light
93.16 Music Max Trax The Spa
93.18 Music Max Trax FrancoEnergie
93.19 Music Max Trax Le Top Détente
93.21 Music Max Trax Memories
93.22 Music Max Trax Jazz Café
93.23 Music Max Trax Swingin' Standards
93.24 Music Max Trax Treehouse
93.25 Music Max Trax CMT
93.26 Music Max Trax FrancoRelax
93.28 Music Max Trax Jammin'
93.29 Music Max Trax Blues Street
93.33 Music Max Trax The Beat
93.34 Music Max Trax Hit List
93.36 Music Max Trax Flashback 70's
93.38 Music Max Trax Rock
93.39 Music Max Trax The Edge
93.41 Music Max Trax Musique Bout'choux
93.42 Music Max Trax Party!
93.49 Music Galaxie Gold Rock
93.51 Music Galaxie Adult Alternatve
93.52 Music Galaxie Pop Adult
93.53 Music Galaxie Ambient
93.54 Music Galaxie Dance
93.57 Music Galaxie Country Classics
93.58 Music Galaxie Franco Country
93.60 Music Galaxie Souvenirs
93.62 Music Galaxie Nostalgie
93.64 Music Galaxie Jazz Masters
93.65 Music Galaxie Jazz Now
93.67 Music Galaxie Folk Roots
93.68 Music Galaxie World
93.69 Music Galaxie Rock and Roll
93.71 Music Galaxie Nature
93.72 Music Galaxie Pop Classics
93.73 Music Galaxie Baroque
93.75 Music Galaxie Chamber Music
93.76 Music Galaxie The 80's
93.78 Music Galaxie Mousses Musique
98.1807 Video Temporarily Unavailable A screen with the message "This channel is temporarily unavailable" on it.
134.1 Radio CBLA 99.1 FM CBC Radio One, Toronto
134.2 Radio CPWA 90.5 FM Portuguese, Toronto
134.3 Radio CKLN 88.1 FM Campus/Community Radio, Toronto
134.4 Radio CIUT 89.5 FM U of T, Toronto
134.5 Radio CHSL 1610 AM Spanish, Toronto
134.6 Radio CJRT JAZZ.FM91 Toronto
134.7 Radio CFXJ 93.5 FM Flow, Toronto
134.8 Radio CKAV 106.5 FM Aboriginal Voices, Toronto
134.9 Radio CFNY 102.1 FM The Edge, Toronto
134.10 Radio CHOQ 105.1 FM French, Toronto
134.11 Radio CFMX 96.3 FM Classical, Toronto
134.12 Radio CJEZ 97.3 FM EZ Rock, Toronto
134.13 Radio CHFI 98.1 FM Toronto
134.14 Radio CJBC 860 AM Franch, Toronto
134.15 Radio CFTR 680 News Toronto
134.16 Radio CKFM 99.9 FM Virgin Radio, Toronto
134.17 Radio CHUM 104.5 FM Toronto
134.18 Radio CIDC Z103.5 FM Toronto
134.19 Radio CJAQ 92.5 JACK FM, Toronto
134.20 Radio CHIR FM Greek, Toronto
134.21 Radio CILQ Q107 FM Toronto
134.22 Radio CJCL 590 AM The Fan, Toronto
134.23 Radio CING 95.3 FM The New Country, Hamilton
134.24 Radio CKHC 96.9 FM RadioHumber, Toronto
134.25 Radio CHRY 105.5 FM York U., Toronto
134.29 Radio CICX 105.9 FM JACK FM, Orillia
134.67 Radio CKLG 96.9 FM JACK FM, Vancouver
134.68 Radio CHCR 102.9 Greek, Killaloe
134.73 Radio RAI Italian
134.74 Radio CFRB 1010 AM NewsTalk
134.80 Radio WNED AM 970 NPR Radio
134.81 Radio WNED FM 93.5 Classical
134.2291 Video Kids TV Mix Six different kids channels at once. All 6 audio options are available.
134.2292 Video News TV Mix Six different news channels at once. All 6 audio options are available.
134.2293 Video Sports TV Mix Six different sports channels at once. All 6 audio options are available.
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