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Just as the subject states this thread is to talk about sets that are UNDER $100

Here is the first one I was able to find..

GPX TE1380b - 13.3 Inch HDTV 120v 30w

Has all the usual inputs, Composite, Svideo, HD, and HDMI, also PC DB15.

has also a headphone jack / audio output..

Usual 'F' Style CATV / Antenna connection.

it looks like someone had taken a samsung/LG and zapped it with a shrink ray.

It also has a Dual Tuner Analog and ATSC HD Digital.

Another unique feature is it has a USB Port for Music and Photos...
( Works with Fat32 File System - will also power a small portable Hard Disk unit.. typical USB sata drive.. obviously a small USB Stick also..)

Unit is Extremely Light weight... and can but put on a wall quite easily with out special mounting brackets. ( back of unit has mounting system )

How well does it work...

The Video is as Sharp as a tack. All modes tested, including 1080p.

Picture quality is very nice and very sharp.

has a nifty usual remote control, typical of a standard Set.

works nice with Xbox360 also. (Small and Portable)

Price is $98 at wallymart.

Ideal if you need a small monitor for your bench with lots of inputs.. or if you want to Dual Display a Laptop. It has a lot of flexability and the price is right.

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Yes! GPX small TV. 13 inch 16:9 screen.

I went looking for a light and portable screen to use ... for the portable use of a DVD recorder with on screen menus - and found this TV at Wall Mart too.

They showed me this TV ... and I purchased it on the spot.

So far so good. Yes - very light - very small. Amazing. A whole mini HD TV with alot of features in such a light and small package.

Price pretty low for all that too.
(in Ontario ... add a $12.50 ECO fee for TV's / electronics- hail Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty ... and add 13% HST ... so it came to around $125 total )

I have not tested all the features of this TV yet ... but so far so good ... only one month so far.

Wonder how well the tuner works for Over the Air reception - Digital and Analog. [ I will get around to testing that ... eventually ]

( This TV is small enough and light enough to haul up to the top of an antenna tower ... connect it ... and make adjustments to the antenna for reception ... and view the results live. However, you have to power it - 115 AC - maybe with a long extension cord - for roof top / tower top testing and adjusting. )

Yes - the GPX TV has lots of inputs, a USB port, headphone jack.

More than expected for what I wanted to do.

Hopefully the GPX TV will hold up and be reliable. Time will tell.

Very portable - students ... small apartments ... small rooms ...etc.

I was surprised - Low price / size / weight / many features.

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I like specifications. :) But the 3 month warranty is a big RED flag for me.

Manufacturer: GPX
Manufacturer Model: TE1380W
Screen Size 13.3"
Display Type LED-LCD
Native Resolution 720p
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1280 x 800
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Computer Input VGA
PC Audio Input Yes
cd/m2 Brightness 300
Component Input Yes
S-Video Input Yes
RF Antenna Input 1
Built-In Speakers Yes
USB Input Yes
Stand Table Top
Multilingual Menu English French Spanish
Sleep Timer Yes
V-Chip Parental Control Yes
Remote Control Yes
Color: White
Dimensions Unboxed
Width: 6.7"
Height: 12.6"
Weight: 4.4 lbs.

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One small hitch - remote code...

Recived this baby for Xmas - to be the perfect "Kitchen TV" to catch the Football Games while making dinner etc..

Works and looks great - even on a Long 100' coax connection to my shaw direct box.

Plug and play - stick a USB stick with photos and MP3's into it and it will start a great looking slideshow and play the MP3 music with this click of two menus.

BUT - I cannot locate a code anywhere to program my Shaw Direct Remote to run the volume/ on/off ... tried the cycle through the codes hoping another small brand code would work... no such luck ...sigh... stuck with two remotes....

ANy suggestions welcome...

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I also got one of these for christmas, I asked for it.

I am liking mine, don't really have it "installed" yet, just played with it a few times. They got knocked down to $87 just before christmas here and stayed that low.

I wanted to pick up another one, for monitor useage for some old computers, but missed the boat in NF walmart, they didn't move them to the new store apparently. I will have to look next time I'm in St Kitts.

The remote issue, I was googling the model number trying to find out if the firmware was replaceable... turns out they don't have a standard remote code, the only way to use a universal is if it's a learning remote.

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Oh. mine has a 1 year warranty in the box...

Also I thought there was some way to get a 5 bar signal indicator up on screen, but playing with it last night I couldn't find it.

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Got one today, they were on sale for $55. I wanted to replace my other failed Wal-Mart TV, and was sorta shocked when I realized this thing runs the same firmware... even the remotes are interchangeable!

Mine was dead on arrival but after removing the 6 screws and discovering the inside is pretty much hollow (contributing to how lightweight it feels) I realized that the LVDS cable going to the LCD panel wasn't actually connected... it's held together by fabric electrical tape which clearly didn't hold the connector together. Anyway, after reseating the connector, it works.

The built in tuner can apparently pick up any ClearQAM cable channels as well as the advertised ATSC.
This is going to be a weird situation as if I buy another DCX3200 cable box to feed this device... the cable box would have cost more than the display device!

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Did you get it at Wally Mart?

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TRENT310 said:
The built in tuner can apparently pick up any ClearQAM cable channels as well as the advertised ATSC.
Yes. I just re-visted this Thread now - because I wanted to mention this myself.

I too discovered the QAM tuner in this unit recently.

This little TV has a neat combined Cable TV QAM -and- Cable TV Analog tuner in it.

I hooked it up in Kingston Ontario, to COGECO Cable, switched it to "Cable Mode", and did a SCAN.

The Scan took some time ... 15 or 20 minutes ... but it picked up all the Analog cable channels, and about 70 more QAM unencrypted digital channels, some 720p HD ones, quite a few SD ones, and a bunch of Music Channels and Radio Stations re-broadcast / delivered over Cable.

It put them all into ONE channel list - so you can access them all via the remote.

The QAM channel numbers are a bit strange ... but that is a great option on this little inexpensive TV.

My little GPX TV is still working fine - a great purchase still - given the very affordable price.

Side note: I got an audio cable - a mini stereo headphone jack to RCA audio (red white) audio cable, and fed stereo audio from the TV's headphone jack to the input of a boom box / radio / ghetto blaster - and that made the sound much better than the small speakers in the TV itself. That added quite a bit to the listening enjoyment of this unit.

Yes - it makes a nice portable unit for close up use - bedroom or kitchen.

What would really make this little GPX TV Rock ?

A separate/second RF input, and the ability to hook up NTSC/ATSC analog and digital over the air, via antenna, and CABLE TV simultaneously - with separate scans kept in memory.

... and the ability to switch back and forth between Cable TV (Analog & QAM) and ATSC/NTSC (Digital and Analog OTA via Antenna) without having to re-scan (!)

Giving the user the ability to switch back and forth easily.

( ? and why not even a few more RF inputs, with separate channel scan lists - switchable? for other possible uses ? )

But in any case ... for the cost ... I find this little GPX TV quite useful.

Hopefully it will continue to last and work well ... time will tell.

Flashman said:
I thought there was some way to get a 5 bar signal indicator up on screen, but playing with it last night I couldn't find it.
I could not find any signal meter on my little GPX TV either.

I looked in the user manual - but could not find any mention of a signal meter.

So I am guessing it does not have one.

At least I have not been able to find it yet.

Addition of a signal meter feature to the GPX TV would also be a plus.
(hints / suggestions for the Manufacturer)

But otherwise - still very good unit for the price and all the features provided.

Let's see how long it lasts ... so far so good with mine.

Should also mention ... Yes, nice enough screen and picture ... but viewing at an off angle is a little limited - makes the picture look a little funny and glossy.

But I understand that can be typical of LCD's - liquid crystal display screens.

No matter, the intended use of this GPX Tv as a portable ... and the fact that it is so small and light - make it easy to adjust the tv for a more straight on viewing angle.

Just something to keep in mind though ... viewing angle of screen has limits.

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GPX TV - generates some RF noise - TV and FM

Small GPX TV still working fine - and providing great enjoyment.

However, I noticed something else.

Mine seems to generate some local RF noise - picked up by a nearby TV and a nearby FM radio.

On or Off, as long as it is plugged in, my little GPX TV generates some local RF noise.

An analog CRT TV nearby shows some minor horizontal lines on the screen that move a little, plus some accompanying noise.

An FM radio nearby - listening to a weaker station - extra white noise is generated an clearly adds to the noise of the station being listened too.

Not Great.

I am fairly sure it is the little GPX TV generating that noise.
The minute I unplug the GPX TV - the noise stops. Confirmed.

My SOLUTION - for now.

I plugged the GPX TV into a power bar with a switch.
And I switch off the Power Bar, and power to the GPX TV when not in use.

It still remembers channel lists and settings - I am sure.
I have left it unpowered for weeks - and still seems to remember everything when I power it up again to use it.

But it is not great that this little TV generates and emits that sort of noise / at a level that clearly adds interference to nearby devices - ever.

Perhaps something for the manufacturer to work on.

Should have been caught during EMI / EMC product testing.
( Electromagnetic Interference / Electromagnetic Compatibility testing )

? Might be the power supply inside the unit. (switch mode power supply?)
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