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Hi all,

Does anyone have any feedback on their experience with Delta Cable's new Digital/HD TV packages?

I'm using Bell expressVu right now, and I'm looking at making the switch to their Watch & Surf Bundle since I'm an existing DCCNet customer (I'm in Delta,BC)

I'm paying ~$94/month (with taxes) for Bell right now, and we don't have any major issues with it (the PVR fan can get loud sometimes, and it has lost the signal on a few occasions when it snowed a bit last year).

One thing I really like about Bell is the PVR user interface - it's so simple. My sister had Rogers and their PVR UI was anything but simple.

Anyways, just looking to hear what other people's experience with Delta Cable (EastLinks) Digital/HD TV has been: any issues, etc. or smooth sailing? They have some pretty good promotions lately, so I'm looking to make a switch to a bundle.

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