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Digital Box Upgrade

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Got a message on my digital box this morning that said:

In Your Area, August 12

We are upgrading the Digital TV Channel guide
in your area to provide new updates including
search function & DVR enhancements.
A brief interruption in cable service
may occur between 3 & 5 am.
I guess there updating the firmware again. We shall see how it goes.
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Doesn't sound like firmware, more like the guide software. Probably version A28 of the iGuide?
Possibly, we shall see on Thursday morning. A28 is the only other update that is available after the A25 that we have now I think.
I had heard a rumour that A28 was coming sometime sooner rather than later, so this is probably it. Very good news if it's true.
I don't know whats left to do got the new search feature last time now one of my option pages is still missed up from what June upgrade but its nothing that I use.
Hopefully the DVR Upgrades mean that a DVR expander will work and we can have a larger external hard drive.
I've had that message twice over the past 2 months here in Sudbury, and nothing ever changed.
The software changed in early June to A25 in Timmins a week or two after those in N.S. received it....sooooooo we should be soon then. ;)
Just checked my DVR and I have i-guide A28. Show folders and DVR clean up (mass delete) both working.
i-guide A28

Ok I'll be the first to admit that i have no idea what i-guide A28 is?
can someone tell me the diff from what was before.
As far as I can tell it's mostly DVR upgrades. Now if you tape more than one episode of a show it'll make a folder for that show so they're all grouped together. You can delete a bunch of shows at once through DVR cleanup rather than scrolling through your list and deleting one by one. It'll remember what shows you've taped and deleted so it won't record them again if it's shown later in the guide and listed as new.

I'm sure there are other improvements that someone can fill you in on.
A28 Guide

In addition to the folders and mass delete features, the search and the flip bar have been improved.

Shaw is also rolling out the A28 guide.

Here are some links that you may wish to look at that describe the new features. (Some of the features may not apply to Eastlink.)

Comcast New Guide
Wikibooks - Motorola DVR/Firmware and Software
Hopefully the DVR Upgrades mean that a DVR expander will work and we can have a larger external hard drive.
The last firmware upgrade to version 16.76 added the capability to add an external drive to the Motorola boxes. The port just may not be authorized yet. A friend of mine has a drive hooked up to a DCT6416 in Sudbury and he says it works great.
Got the download around 4:45 I see theres some new search and dvr stuff but I have yet test any of the new features.
The new features sound great.:) Hope to get our "message" soon along with other things.;)
Update coming to Ontario the morning of August 19th.
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