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I used to get 20 hours of dialup included free with my Telus High Speed Internet (ADSL1) at 2.6 mbps. This was very handy when traveling in small BC towns with little WiFi service.
I notice Optik TV has no dialup time and it has been deleted for new customers of Optik High Speed (ADSL2+). I had been "grandfathered" and never knew this had happened to Telus offerings until I went to switch. The interesting thing is that Bell in the East still offers 20 hours dialup with ADSL.
In my mind this is one offering that Shaw could not match with their 100% cable offering yet Telus decided to eliminate it. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps Telus is phasing out dialup which would be a shame. Apparently there are only 80,000 dialup customers with Telus now. I have been with Telus internet since 1998.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with grandfathered dialup time?
There is more to my story and dealings with Telus on this matter but I do not want to flame them until they have a chance to respond to my inquiry. The Optik Internet seems okay as I usually get 10 mbps with one HD channel on. I notice that the speed goes fastest to an IP address in Burnaby but slows noticeably to out of province locations and even remote locations within BC.

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Probably gone because so few used it. Too bad, it was a good thing I guess for those few who did use it. I guess with WiFi hjotspots being so common now in coffee shops and hotels, airports etc, TELUS just decided to drop it.

- another TELUS tech
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