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Desire vs Galaxy S (vibrant)

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I am currently trying to decide between the HTC Desire or the Samsung Galaxy S as my first smart phone.

Many of you have recently purchased one of these two. What made you choose one over the other?

Also did you purchase with a 3-year activation?

I appreciate any insight you can provide.
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If you're purchasing on contract take a look at both Telus and Bell's smartphone plans. A better plan might be enough to make your decision for you. Also note that Rogers will soon be carrying the Samsung Captivate (another Galaxy S phone), so you may wish to consider them. I always recommend choosing the phone last, plans and coverage are more important long-term than having the shiniest handset.

Please see this thread for some feedback on the Desire.

And this thread for the Galaxy S Vibrant.

This thread also may interest you as it has some handset comparisons.

Personally I'd prefer the Desire because I like HTC Sense much more than Samsung's Touchwiz skin, but if you like the increased size and improved screen of the Galaxy S then that might be a better choice. Both are definitely fantastic phones.
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My order of choosing :
1. Company
2. Plan
3. Phone

You will not go wrong with either phone as they are both wicked fast. My brother wanted a new top phone but hates telus so there was only really one option for him at the time and that was the Galaxy S. I've played around with it a bunch and it is an amazing phone. That screen is just UNREAL!!! The benchmark tests like Quadrant and Lincore were awesome for a non-modded phone. I can't wait to see it running on 2.2.
Pretty much agreeing with what everyone is saying here. Both the Desire and the Galaxy S are great smartphones, and overall I'm sure you'd be happy with either one. I nearly switched to Telus to grab the Desire, but ended up finding a good deal on the Galaxy S so I chose to stick with Bell for now (bought the phone from someone else, so I didn't have to extend my contract).

One of the big things that I like about the Galaxy S is the 16GB of internal memory. Since I use my phone as my MP3 player, having internal storage rather than being forced to buy a microSD card right away is useful. It does also have a microSD slot for future expansion should I want to do that. That said, I believe the Desire comes with a smaller microSD card in the box, so you can still store some music on it if needed.
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Thank you for all the information and patience with this newbie. You've given me a lot to think about since I was definitely leaning towards basing my decision on the handset without considering the plans or the companies. I have been perusing these forums for awhile and with all the information about options for plans Im a tad overwhelmed---a bit of "analysis paralysis" .

This will be my first smartphone. I have a Telus cell phone paid for by work. I dont actually use it alot. I also have a very old Bell cell which I never use but I pay $20 a month for it. It was originally on a 3 year plan which must have expired about 3 years ago. I dont make a ton of calls and very rarely text. However, I would like to be able to check emails, have a calendar, access the internet when Im away from home or work, and maybe play a few games. Music would be nice but I have an Ipod so it is not a necessity.

Any advice?
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Call Bell, if you've been a customer for six years maybe they'll offer you a retention deal. Then, take that offer to Telus and see what they say.

Both the Vibrant and the Desire would suit your needs well.
I picked up a Desire, but I am with Rogers so paid full price and unlocked/debranded it.

I was thinking between Galaxy S and the Desire. What sold me on the Desire was quicker software updates, less bugs, and I liked the feel of the phone.

I am quite happy with the phone after 1 week.
+1 for the Desire. The HTC Sence UI is excellent, and you should play with both at the store before making your decision.
for what it's worth... when wearing polarized sunglasses, the HTC screen goes black when you look at it in landscape mode. The Samsung does not. The Samsung will go black when half-way between portrait and landscape, but who'd never use it that way?

Not that it matters much, I've been to a couple Telus stores, Bell stores, and FutureShop, and no one has either phone in stock. But there were working display models available to try out.
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