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Designing custom antenna for my very specific local needs?

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This is a question to all the OTA gurus on this forum.

I would like to design custom antenna for my location,
based on the numbers given by tvfool.

The weakest channel I'd like to get is 23 (ION) and for this I'd probably need a preamp.

By looking at the tvfool chart I've come up with a list of frequencies, azimuths and target gains.

My question are:

Are the target gains enough (with /without preamp)?
Are some if target gains to much if I am to use a preamp?
Could I go with less gain on any channel?

Chan	Network	Dist	Path	NM 	azim     target gain
	        (mi)            (dB)	(deg)    (dbi)
20	CBC	19.8	LOS	49.6	50	    0
18	Ind	26.2	LOS	46.7	-50	    0
40		19.8	LOS	44.4	50	    0
44	OMN	20.2	LOS	43.1	50	    0
64	OMN	20.2	LOS	41.6	50	    0
35	Ind	26.2	LOS	38.6	-50	    0
24	SRC	19.8	LOS	37.4	50	    0
32	CW	57.6	LOS	37.2	0	    0
65	GTN	19.8	LOS	34.9	50	    0
66	Sun	19.8	LOS	34.8	50	    0
53	Ind	19.8	LOS	33.5	50	    0
43	PBS	57.6	LOS	29.5	0	    1
14	Fox	57.5	LOS	24.2	0	    1
39	CBS	86.2	LOS	21.7	-5	    1
33	NBC	85.4	1Edge	17.5    0	    5
38	ABC	87.5	1Edge	12.9	-5	    8
26	Ind	87.1	1Edge	11.5	-30	    9
49	MyN	86.3	1Edge	7.7	0	    10
7	Ind	88.0	2Edge	-7.2	-10	    8
23	ION	100.2	2Edge	-13.5	10	    16
Thanks in advance,

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Indoor or outdoor antenna? Anything blocking you? Can you get height? Are you feeding more than one tv set?

Without info like this, there's no telling what your needs are, including whether you actually need a pre-amp. That's just jumping the gun. Look to see what your neighbours get in Mississauga, and what their antennas are. The choices are broad as it stands. eg. GH, bowtie, LPDA, other. Any and all types may work for you equally, without knowing more, and the choice may be limited by your living arrangements eg apartment, etc.
In free space it is then. ;)

Heck, go for the DBGH, or combine a VHF and UHF LPDA, as the angle between Beefalo ;) (just kidding, Buffalonians) and Toronto isn't so bad. That's the perfect setup in a perfect world.

Ah, erciball beat me to the punch. ;)

Oh, and if you have a difficult channel you really want, use a yagi to pull it. And if you want to do something completely insane, use individual yagis for each channel, and cover your property with them... Not advisable though LOL! (Now you got me all giddy and laughing. Sorry.)
Why a custom? We named the best... :confused: Is this an early April 1st query? No offense, but by your standards, you want to design an omnidirectional antenna that sits on a pole miles high, and bends EM waves to it's will . Not very practical.

Seriously, with constraints, the combined LPDAs are your best bet. You won't get better than that. And if you do, I'll personally send in a Nobel nomination in your name. (All in good fun. No offense meant.)
"I am trying to come up with design requirements so I can design a new
custom antenna suitable for my area only."

Laws of physics are fairly universal, save a neutron star or black hole. No exceptions for Mississauga, or Hurricane Hazel, though she's a tough old bird. ;)

Seriously, if you want to experiment and design, grab 4nec2 and go nuts with it. Mind, it doesn't share my humour. Depending on perspective, that could be a plus or a drawback. ;)
Well, I think your question and specs keep changing, so I'll hush up and make way for the next support specialist. But you did ask for something that would kick your neighbours reception into the stone age, and now changed your mind. As well, you said you want to design something unique for your area alone. If I'm misreading you, okay. But everyone else who answered is reading you the same way. So I suspect it's the question that's nebulous and fuzzy.

Btw, I note in a picture that you do have a GH, and something to the side of it. Is that a Stealth Hawk? Either way, why would you want less now? Or minimal; not more, not less, as you say?

Anyone else want to give this a shot?
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