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Denon AVR-790 & SD DSR530 audio problem

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Hi all,

I do not know what to do anymore... Desperately need help!

Until yesterday, I my Shaw Direct DSR530 was connected via the 'digital optical' output to a Sony STR-D595 receive. Worked like a charm.

Then, I upgraded to a AVR-790... and right now, I do not have digital sound anymore from my DSR530.

Here my current connection with the new receiver

AVR-790 connected to my Sony TV via HDMI.
PS3 conencted via HDMI to AVR-790 (both audio and video works perfectly)

Connected DSR530 video using component to AVR790.
Connected DSR530 audio using Optical to AVR790.

Did the proper input assigns and left the Denon to automatically detect input signal.

When I select the source for the DSR530, the AVR790 display video, but has no audio.

After some investigating, I have noticed that the Denon does not automatically detect digital input from the DSR530--it only detects analog. Obviously, if I connect DSR530 to AVR790 using regular stereo inputs, the receiver has no problem playing the analog signal.

I tried forcing the Denon to DIGITAL input only, but it did not change anything, except for not outputting analog sound anymore.

Tried both AVR790 optical 1 and 2. No sound.
Tried changing optical wires. No sound.
Tried using a optical to coaxial converter to use coax on the AVR790. No sound

Then to test that the optical inputs of the receiver were working, I connected a DVD player using optical. Worked great!

I must have over looked something but I do not know what do do anymore.

Pretty frustrated, disappointed and I totally lacking sleep... :)

Please help!

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Found my problem...

I was able to hook up a DSR505 to the receiver and there was no audio problem.

Looks like the DSR530 is the issue.

So, the AVR-790 is fine and works as expected.

Now, I have to work on my lack of sleep... :)
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