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Denon 1611 or 791/1911?

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I have done my research and scoured the forums, if anyone could confirm my conclusions i'd appreciate it.

I have narrowed it down to the 791/1911 or 1611, i excluded the 591 since it seems to be a 5.1 only receiver?

I don't think i need to worry about up conversion of 480 type devices to 1080 since i will be using only HDMI devices (Starchoice HDPVR630 and PS3), so all being equal is there any other reason to consider the 791/1911 units.
I realize that the 1611 does not have the Ipod USB but i can use the PS3 for that purpose also.

I have chosen the Denon's primarily for sound quality not connections.


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Hi there,

Am i they only one looking for a Denon receiver?

Thanks in advance

I almost purchased the 791 (, but went with the 991 instead (also at - sort of on "impulse', but I did also like the 991's ethernet/streaming/DLNA certified capabilities. It is supposed to arrive this week. I downloaded and have been reading the manual - it is 116 pages. The 991 replaces a 7 year old Pioneer.
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