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Years ago with a local small cable company one of the techs was vicious and after he came onto the property and opened the box without any reason I basically told him to shove off and get off my property. When I cancelled cable they said they needed access and I told them no way. They suggested they would have to climb the pole. I said go for it as I wasn't stealing anything but I was using the entry for Shaw Direct.
Anyway Shaw took over and they are a completely different animal now. I have their service and the rv plan for Shaw Direct and the tech upgraded the box on the outside to a roomier more modern setup and left all access up to me. In some parts of the country they have become customer oriented to some degree. :)

Even Telus, when I switched to their DSl, upgraded the gear in the box and ran separate phone/internet, even though I am using phone service.
Dealing with reasonable people can be fun.
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