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Demarc point

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I just cancelled all of my Shaw services as I'm planning to go OTA.

I want to rewire my house with new RG6 coax (and have already bought a box of cable) but am wondering about the demarc. I'd like to have a place to put the wires in, but I don't want to have to worry about Shaw coming around and cutting my wires.

There's an electrical distributor not too far away here that has datacomm stuff, so I could just get my own box. What I'm wondering is if I put up my own box with my new house wiring will Shaw just deem it their own and lock me out of it?
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No on both counts. My Shaw service wasn't run from a demarc box, and I wouldn't consider an outdoor 4-way splitter installed by the technician 10' up to be "accessible by the homeowner".
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